The Process

1. Get the board(s)

Greenface Labs provides free Gerber files you can use to fabricate boards and front panels. Just use the board fab house of your choice or contact us for assistance. We even have a limited supply of free boards available for schools and other non-profit organizations.

2. Buy the parts

We provide free Digi-Key compatible parts lists that you can use to order all the parts you’ll need to populate your board. Just upload the file into the BOM manager or the Shopping Cart.

3. Build and Test the module

Use the assembly instructions to help build your Greenface Labs module. Once it is built, make sure everything is OK by using the Testing guide that we provide with each module.

4. Fork It!

Greenface Labs hosts its designs on in public repositories. That means you are free to come up with interesting variations of Greenface Labs’ designs and share them with the world.

Maybe you want a different knob style or perhaps you’ve found another part that works better or is cheaper than the one we found. Maybe you’ve found different distributors like Newark or Mouser and you want to use partial BOMs for getting the “best fit”.

Create a “fork” and maybe you’ll gain Internet fame for your innovations.

5. Share Your Creations

Post photos and videos of your modules as you find new and amazing ways to create music. Make sure to use the hashtags #greenfacelabs and #synthesizer when you post.