Three Coordinated Waveforms

The Spankulator is a WiFi-enabled multi-function Eurorack module. Its main function is to generate a trio of coordinated analog and digital signals which can be used in an endless variety of ways. While each output generates familiar signals, it is the coordination of these signals and the methods of control that make the Spankulator special.


  • Trig Out – Digital signal that consists of pulses of varying width.
  • Tog Out – Digital signal that toggles at the end of every sequence.
  • CV Out – Analog signal (+/- 5 volt) that depends on the Function. Usually, it is relative to the pulse width of the Trig Output. This signal is modified using the CV control.
  • Trigger In – Digital input. Operation is triggered with a 0 to 5 volt transition on this input. This also serves as the External Clock when Ext Clk mode is enabled.
  • Sig In – Analog signal input. Range: +/- 5 volt


  • 5 Spank types – Up, Down, Stretch, Toggle and Maytag
  • LFO with 4 waveforms – Sine, Inv Sine, Ramp Up, Ramp Down
  • Bounce – A DVM plus a quantizable sample and hold. DC and AC modes
  • User Mode – For sending sequences of Spanks and/or LFO bursts
  • WiFi Mode – For configuring WiFi connection
  • Settings – For module configuration, factory reset, etc.


  • 128×64 graphic display enhances usability
  • Web and Terminal interfaces provide rich user experiences with the addition of computer resources like a keyboard, mouse, display and scripting.
  • All settings are stored in Flash memory so that they are retained when power is off
  • Selectable Single Shot or Repeat mode
  • CV scale, offset and value are independently controllable
  • CV Out can be Smooth or Quantized
  • Randomness can be added to most function ranging from 0 to 99%
  • External Clock mode
  • Inputs and Outputs are protected against damage during typical use


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Download the Latest Runtime Binary (Mac)

Unzip the downloaded file and open a terminal in the resulting folder. Call the upload program by typing ./

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Download the Desktop App (Mac)

The app must be de-quarantined. To do this open a Terminal window in the folder where the app was unzipped and type (or paste) this command: xattr -d “”

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The Spankulator

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