Some people claim that the Modular Synthesizer community is just a bunch of wankers who get their jollies by making weird noises while using as many patch cords and blinking multi-colored lights as possible. Well, Greenface Labs has an answer to that…

Introducing The Spankulator

The Spankulator is a WiFi-enabled multi-function Eurorack module. Its main function is to generate a trio of coordinated analog and digital signals called Spanks which can be used in an endless variety of ways; some examples being a sequencer, an envelope generator, or a complex rhythm generator.


  • 5 Spank types – Up, Down, Stretch, Toggle and Maytag
  • LFO with 3 waveforms – Sine, Ramp Up, Ramp Down
  • Reflect – A DVM plus a scalable sample and hold. DC and AC modes
  • User Mode – For sending sequences of Spanks and/or LFO bursts
  • Settings – For configuration, factory reset, etc.


  • 128×64 graphic display enhances usability
  • WiFi and Terminal interfaces provide even richer user experiences with the addition of computer resources like a keyboard, display and scripting.
  • All settings are stored in Flash memory so that they are retained when power is off
  • Selectable Single Shot or Repeat mode
  • External Clock mode
  • Inputs and Outputs are protected against damage during typical use


  • Gate Out – Digital signal that consists of pulses of varying width.
  • Tog Out – Digital signal that toggles with the completion of every Spank.
  • CV Out – Analog signal (+/- 5 volt) that depends on the Spank type. Usually, it is relative to the pulse width of the Gate Output. This signal’s amplitude is adjusted using the CV Scale control.
  • Trigger In – Digital input. Operation is triggered with a 0 to 5 volt transition on this input. This also serves as the External Clock when Ext Clk mode is enabled.
  • Sig In – Analog signal input. Range: +/- 5 volt

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