The Spankulator is a WiFi-enabled multi-function Eurorack module. Its features include:

  • 5 Sputterizers – Up, Down, Stretch, Toggle and Maytag
  • LFO with 3 waveforms – Sine, Ramp Up, Ramp Down
  • DVM – DC and AC modes
  • User Mode – For sending sequences of Sputs and/or LFO bursts

All send modes have an output whose amplitude is adjustable via a dedicated control. Additionally, all send modes can send a single burst or can continuously repeat when Repeat is set to ON.

The Spankulator has an unusually rich set of User Interface options. It starts with a 128×64 dot-matrix display. As well as communicating module parameters much better than LEDs and knob positions, this makes it possible to control an endless set of parameters using a single adjustment control. Then to make it even easier to use and to add endless possibilities for automation and collaboration, the Spankulator adds a WiFi-enabled Web Interface and a Terminal interface via USB. These two interfaces give the user two important capabilities.

  • The addition of a full-featured keyboard allows the user to type in parameters directly rather than adjust them digit-by-digit.
  • The user can run Macros that contain set-up or performance sequences.

The Spankulator’s outputs are as follows:

  • Gate – 5 volt digital output. Pulses depend on mode of operation.
  • Toggle – 5 volt digital output. Changes state with each “burst”.
  • CV – +/- 5 volt analog output. Shape depends on mode of operation.

The Spankulator has these inputs:

  • Trigger – 5 volt digital input. Operation is triggered with a 0 to 5 volt transition on this input. This also serves as the External Clock when Ext Clk mode is enabled.
  • Sig In – +/- 5 volt analog signal input. Currently this input is only connected to the DVM.

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