Maytag Example

Maytag mode on the Sputterizer and now on the Spankulator (under development) is a versatile and fun effect. Here is an example using the Spankulator that has the parameters set as follows:

  • Longest Pulse Length: 20ms
  • Delay: 785ms
  • #Pulses: 12

Here’s a scope capture of the Gate output (yellow) and the CV output (purple).

Maytag - Pulse Len: 20ms, Delay: 785ms, #Pulses: 12

Here’s what it sounds like when you hook the CV output to the Moog Mother-32 VCO 1V/OCT input, the Gate output to the VCO LIN FM input and the Toggle output to the VCF RES input. I added a couple of other subtle modulations and sent the whole thing through the TipTop EchoZ.

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