Introducing the Spankulator and the latest PBJ

After a long time in development, we are very pleased to announce two new products. The first is the latest generation of synthesizer development systems, the PBJ EU. The second is the amazing Spankulator. These are available now. Please contact Greenface Labs for more info.

Product Research Notes

As the Sputterizer and EyeBall beta-test results come in, some new ideas are brewing. As cool as the Selector display is, I can see a future for products using a more compact and capable display.

Here is the first foray into this realm.

Beta Testing is in progress

Eurorack synthesizer modules the Sputterizer and the EyeBall are now in Beta-Test!

The response has been great and from all over the world. The Sputterizer and the EyeBall are now in places like Sweden, South Africa, Quebec and Oakland California.

There’s already been some good feedback and the next iteration of the designs are well under way. Thanks to all the testers!

And even though we have enough testers for now, we’d still love to hear from you. Use the Contact page and when the next round of testing starts, we will contact you.

Rare image captures a Sputter

For those who wonder what a Sputter looks like, here’s a photo of one. It is a simple Sputter, composed of a Down Sput followed by an Up Sput. The top trace is the Digital output and the bottom trace is the Analog output.

The Sputterizer is now in the Beta phase of development. Greenface Labs is seeking Beta testers to explore and evaluate Sputterizers. Please use the contact form if you are interested.