A bit of fun that reminds me of a piece that Jeff Diamond introduced me to a long time ago called “Come Out To Show Them”. This is from a text-to-speech app that I was testing for a talking greeting card project I was involved with several years ago. It is so relentless that you just have to laugh!

Maytag Example

Maytag mode on the Sputterizer and now on the Spankulator (under development) is a versatile and fun effect. Here is an example using the Spankulator that has the parameters set as follows:

  • Longest Pulse Length: 20ms
  • Delay: 785ms
  • #Pulses: 12

Here’s a scope capture of the Gate output (yellow) and the CV output (purple).

Maytag - Pulse Len: 20ms, Delay: 785ms, #Pulses: 12

Here’s what it sounds like when you hook the CV output to the Moog Mother-32 VCO 1V/OCT input, the Gate output to the VCO LIN FM input and the Toggle output to the VCF RES input. I added a couple of other subtle modulations and sent the whole thing through the TipTop EchoZ.