With 4 switched jacks and 800 solderless tie points, the PBJ EU is made to be installed in a Eurorack system. It is connected to power via the standard 16 pin ribbon cable that is common to Eurorack systems. The PBJ EU makes a great platform for developing Eurorack synthesizer circuitry. And because it is installed in the rack, it will be much easier to transport for show and tell or performances.

The PBJ EU in use with an Arduino


  • 800 point solderless proto board
  • 4 switched 3.5mm jacks
  • Wiring connector interfaces jacks and power to proto board
  • LED monitors for each jack. Red indicates positive voltage present. Blue indicates negative.
  • Test point per jack gives convenient access for scope/meter probes.
  • 2 Large Ground connection points are excellent for attaching alligator clips
  • 2 MULT switches connect jack 1 to 2 or jack 3 to 4.
  • Tip and Switch signals are routed from the jacks to the wiring connector.
  • +/- 12V and +5V power are routed to the wiring connector.
  • Power is switched.
  • Power indicator shows presence of +5V.
  • 10 pin EU power output connector can be used to power off-rack modules.
  • 22 HP wide

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