For designers of Arduino-based synthesizer products, PBJ-Duino is the ultimate convenience. Just plug in your Arduino Uno R3 and you’ve got 1660 solderless tie points and 6 switched jacks to play with. And every PBJ-Duino gives you all the level shifters and DC converters you’ll need to interface the Arduino to the synthesizer world.

You can build one for less than $155 (Arduino Included)

Top view
Bottom view with Arduino


  • 2 solderless protoboards
  • Total of 1660 tie points


  • 6 switched 3.5mm jacks
  • 6 input level shifters (+/-5V to 0-5V)
  • 6 output level shifters (0-5V to +/-5V)
  • 6 PWM to DC converters


  • Uses the Arduino Uno R3 or equivalent
  • All Arduino analog and digital signals available
  • LED indicates when Arduino is powered
  • Easily accessible reset button
  • Arduino can be powered from on board +12V via jumper

Power etc.

  • The PBJ-Duino is powered via a Eurorack-compatible 16 pin connector.
  • It requires +/- 12V and +5V
  • Current requirements will depend on how the Arduino is powered and any additional circuitry that may be added to the protoboard. But the on-board circuitry only draws a couple of mA.
  • 3 GROUND test points are provided at convenient locations.
  • The PBJ-Duino rests on 4 heavy-duty rubber feet.

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