Eight Channels of Waveforms

The Bonkulator is a Eurorack module that fits into a 3U x 14HP slot. It features 8 programmable outputs and 6 programmable inputs. The front-panel user controls consist of a 128×64 pixel 2-color OLED display, a rotary encoder for adjusting parameters and a button for each trigger and output.

Pressing the output buttons brings up the configuration menu for each output. Pressing and holding the Adjust knob brings up the Settings menu.

In addition to the front panel controls, the Bonkulator provides WiFi and Terminal interfaces. The WiFi interface is a REST API and the Terminal interface is ANSI X3.64 via the Arduino micro-USB connector. These interfaces greatly extend the usefulness and capabilities of the Bonkulator. Scripting, patch management, dedicated GUIs and even Internet-connected IoT apps are now possible. And using a remote interface means that you no longer have to adjust tiny dials amid a forest of patch cords. This benefit cannot be fully appreciated until it is experienced directly.

8 Outputs

  • In general, the output value follows a selected shape.
  • Shapes can be from the factory list or user defined.
  • Factory shapes include ramp-up, ramp-down, sine, haystack and others.
  • Shapes can contain from 1 to 128 steps.
  • Outputs can be programmed to be one of the following.
    • Envelope
      • +/- 5V analog signal
      • Output value follows the selected shape
    • Pulses
      • Pulse width follows shape
      • #-of-pulses can be set from 1 to 999
      • High and low values can be set from +/-5V
    • Toggle
      • Toggles at end of period of selected output
      • High and low values can be set from +/-5V
  • Outputs can be programmed to be triggered or clocked by any of the trigger inputs.
  • Outputs can be triggered by multiple triggers.
  • Initial delay after trigger is programmable from 0 to 99999 ms.
  • Blanking period after trigger is programmable from 0 to 99999 ms.
  • Outputs can be scaled by UI setting or by CV input.
  • Outputs can be offset by UI setting or by CV input.
  • Output period can be set via UI or by CV input.
  • Output repetitions can be set from 1 to 65,535.
  • Output quantization can be enabled or disabled.
  • Output can be randomized from 0-99%.
  • Outputs have LED level indicators

4 Trigger/Clock Inputs

  • Triggers activate output functions.
  • When Output is set to Ext Clk mode, trigger inputs increment the shape step.
  • The trigger inputs respond to a positive-going signal or a button press.
  • Each trigger can be independently enabled or disabled.
  • An LED indicates when any attached output is active. This LED will also flash in a distinctive pattern to indicate when the trigger is disabled.

2 CV Inputs

  • +/-5V input range.
  • CV inputs can control many of the output parameters.
  • LED level indicators.


  • Envelope generator
  • Rhythm generator
  • Pulse stretcher/multiplier
  • Sample and Hold
  • LFO
  • Sequencer
  • Quantizer
  • Randomizer
  • and moreā€¦

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Web Interface


Bonkulator vs. EuroPi Comparison

Circuit Board (Top View)

Circuit Board (Bottom View)

2 Replies to “Bonkulator”

    1. I plan to do this in stages. At first it will be totally DIY with all the files needed to build on Github. Next would be to offer board/panel on a site like Tindie. Possibly a full kit option. And maybe someday we can offer fully assembled and tested units.
      Currently JLCPCB is making 2 boards with all components on the bottom side (except 3 SMT ICs) installed. I bought the missing ICs from Digi-key. The total looks to be around $225 US for the two.
      It will be a while before the Bonkulator is available. I haven’t started on the code yet. But, you should check out the Spankulator. It is available now and has many of the same features. Plus it has a fully-developed Web interface.
      Thanks for checking in!

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