The Concept

Greenface Labs provides unique and innovative open source synthesizer module designs

More and more people are embracing the rapidly growing DIY synthesizer movement. Greenface Labs was created to support this community by sharing useful and unique designs in the public domain. Currently we have three synthesizer development systems and two Eurorack modules.

Greenface designs use through-hole components

While surface-mount designs are smaller and more modern, Greenface Labs chose to use through-hole components because it is much easier for the typical DIY enthusiast to build, test and troubleshoot the circuitry.

Schematics, Netlists, Gerber files and BOMs are free on GitHub

Greenface Labs is committed to supporting the public-domain synthesizer community by developing unique and useful products. We then give away all the tedious work associated with building them. So, we provide the schematics, the PADS-compatible netlist, a Digi-Key compatible bill of materials (BOM) and even the Gerber files that can be used to manufacture the boards themselves.

Additionally, we provide informational files where possible. These include…

  • Filter Design documents
  • Illustrated assembly instructions
  • Test Plans

Currently we offer a series of synthesizer development systems all named with the letters PBJ and a unique input device called the EyeBall.

Originally founded in 1975, Greenface Labs was put on hold when founder Shannon Vance got a job in the space industry and then later designing DSP-based telecom test equipment. Now mostly retired, Shannon has resurrected Greenface Labs to fulfill his vision from long ago.

Childhood dreams can still come true!