The Concept

Greenface Labs designs and builds open-source Eurorack Synthesizer Modules

More and more people are embracing the rapidly growing DIY synthesizer movement. Greenface Labs was created to support this community by sharing useful and unique designs in the public domain.

Design files are free on GitHub

Greenface Labs provides the schematics, bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files that can be used to manufacture the boards. Each product page contains a link to the Git archives for that product. See the products

Kits and fully-assembled modules are available

Board/Front Panel kits, partially-assembled board kits and fully-assembled and tested modules are all available. Board fabrication and assembly services are provided by JLCPBP. Many Greenface designs have components on both sides of the board. JLCPCB assembles a single side only and cannot source all of the required components, thus the partially-assembled units.

Originally founded in 1975, Greenface Labs was put on hold when founder Shannon Vance got a job in the space industry and then later designing DSP-based telecom test equipment. Now mostly retired, Shannon has resurrected Greenface Labs to fulfill his vision from long ago.

Greenface Labs User Group

The Greenface Labs User Group is a Facebook group for posting questions, answers and media concerning Greenface Labs synthesizer products. It is a great way to team up with others when placing build orders where more than one item is required for purchase. GLUG